About Us
The Medical Innovation Academy focuses on connecting medical expertise and innovation. The world of health and care is changing. Doctors and other healthcare professionals excel in their specific medical field, but often lack the knowledge, time and expertise to look and go beyond their immediate area of focus. We specifically focus on this target group.

We offer clients an opportunity to innovatively gain access to both their most important stakeholders, as well as new, yet unknown stakeholders. Together with the Medical Innovation Academy, the client creates a platform in which healthcare professionals collectively analyze trends and developments and translate them into their field.

Content in the form of a trendradar, current-trends rapport and medical substantiation by a faculty will forge a solid means to mapping out relevant developments. It also strengthens and deepens the relationship between the client and its key stakeholders. Alongside the Medical Innovation Academy, the client profiles himself as an organization that, through working with patients, doctors and other healthcare professionals, helps innovate the medical profession.
The research begins with the appointment of faculty members. The Faculty are important stakeholders who represent a specific indication area and / or healthcare in general. There is substantive contact with the faculty members in the form of a face to face interviews. These interviews form the basis of the trend report and the work sessions.
The analysis of the trends and impact of these trends on future healthcare comes to life in the Trend report. The trends are further elaborated and substantiated with cases. The trend radar is taking shape: it becomes clear at a glance which trends will make a difference in the coming years.
All trends, backgrounds and cases are presented in the Custom Keynote presentation. This presentation can be used during internal and / or external meetings, e.g. congresses, training sessions, professional association meetings, etc. The Keynote is an enrichment for the public and will be a kickoff to start a conversation with our audience.
An experience lab is a good way to talk with healthcare professionals about their professional future. After all, here you can"see, taste and smell" the best or most promising innovations. This lab can be used during internal and/ or external meetings, e.g. congresses, training sessions, professional association meeting, etc.
The interviews, investigation, work sessions with the faculty and final trend report, as well as setting up an Experience lab, provide a huge amount of information. This information is a solid content basis:Podcast, video, (Vlog, interview, talk show, documentary, e-learning),newsletters, magazines, articles, white papers, press releases etc.
Tony Bosma
Internationally renowned Futurist and Trend Watcher.
Founder of Extend Limits.
Bob Krijnen
Healthcare Innovator.
Founder of the Blue Office Battery
Neither did we.